Fenix Aircraft Parts

Fenix Aircraft Parts


This is a perfect example of a simple low-budget company website. Built with Drupal, an open source Content Management System (CMS), it has all the features a small company needs to get started building its online presence. To keep the cost down, a ready made professional website template was used, and minimal changes were made to the design colors to personalize it and match the company logo color scheme.

All the common lading pages were created. The "Home" page, the "About Us" page, the "Contact" page, which has an online contact form that forwards submissions to the client's email address, and the general "Terms & Conditions" pages were created. The client also requested specific landing pages for their product categories, where category descriptions and pictures are displayed. A product "Specials" and a "Partners" landing pages were created with the ability to easily post new content in them whenever needed.

As with any other company website, a newsletter subscription feature was added to enable it to start building its customer email list. This newsletter feature has the ability to schedule and send mass emails to the desired email list.

This low-budget website has been built with future expansion in mind. It can easily be scaled up to an all out eCommerce powerhouse.

The client was very impressed and satisfied with the end result.