Gravity Brewlab

Gravity Brewbar

This is a restaurant/bar website created with the ability to easily be updated by the client. As usual for this kind of website, it is built using a content management system (CMS). By using a CMS it simplifies the periodic updates and changes a restaurant owner or manager must do to its menu, events page, pictures galleries, video galleries, blog posts and more. It reduces the need to constantly require the help of a website developer, reducing maintenance costs.

Whenever new content is posted, previews get displayed in the home page for easy viewing. This helps keep the website always looking freshly updated. Social media buttons have also been added and linked to their respective profile pages, which is a must for restaurants to help build up their social following.

By client request, a special "hidden" marketing campaign landing page was created, where customers are directed to after scanning a QR code with their smart phones. In this page, a customer can sign up for a special offer created by the client. This is just one part of the full Internet Marketing strategy created for this client.

A custom design was created with the style and color scheme requested by the client. All menu items images were edited to fit the layout and added to the site by our design team.